You know that your Lincoln needs to have its oil changed regularly to ensure that it runs right, but who has time to change their own oil? Luckily, people in Broomall, PA can have their oil changed by the factory-trained technicians at Pacifico Marple Lincoln. We know your Lincoln model best, so you can count on the pros in our service center to use the correct oil and do the job right.

Avoid Costly Engine Repairs with Regular Oil Changes

Oil is one of the most important fluids in your Lincoln car or SUV. It protects the cylinders and other moving parts in your engine by lessening the friction that can make them get hot. By having the oil changed according to OEM specifications, Philadelphia drivers can avoid costly repairs and ensure their vehicle runs smoothly. An oil change can also get rid of dirt and debris, which makes your engine run slower. If the motor heats up due to old oil, it may wear down and eventually stop working altogether.

Enjoy Better Performance from Your Lincoln Vehicle with the Proper Oil

Your Lincoln's oil gets thicker on cold winter days in King of Prussia, which can make the vehicle hard to start. The mechanics in Pacifico Marple Lincoln's service center will make sure you have oil with the proper viscosity to start and run when the mercury drops. Our team knows that some vehicles perform better with standard oil while others are better off with synthetic. We'll see to it that you have the proper oil and oil filter for your specific Lincoln model.

Schedule an Oil Change Appointment with Pacifico Marple Lincoln

Other benefits Broomall drivers can enjoy by having regular oil changes include better gas mileage, extended engine life, and reduced polluting emissions. Contact Pacifico Marple Lincoln and schedule an oil change appointment today.

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