Even when you drive a vehicle as eminently capable as a Lincoln sedan or SUV, it's still important to have it checked professionally at our Service Center before you depart on your summertime journey. Every vehicle, no matter how sophisticated, includes vital wear-and-tear components that need to be monitored carefully and sometimes replaced, for the sake of your family's safety.

A good example: We'll check the integrity of your tires

At Pacifico Marple Lincoln, our road trip checklist includes a careful examination of all your tires, including your spare. Because your tires transport you over many miles after you leave Philadelphia, it's crucial they're in road-worthy condition, and you can't always tell with just a casual look. One of our factory-trained technicians will check your tread depth and if your tires need replacement, we have high-quality options for your review.

We will check your brakes to assure you have enough stopping power

Sometimes your brakes will give you a warning sign when they're beginning to wear out. There might be an audible squeak when you step on the brake pedal as you drive around Norristown or King of Prussia, PA. But it won't always be obvious. That's why it's essential that one of our skilled technicians pulls your brake components to see if your pads and rotors are in drive-able condition. If new brakes are needed, we have the parts in stock.

Our road trip inspection can keep your family safe on the road this summer

Ask us how we can make sure your Lincoln sedan or SUV is ready for your next family adventure. It's comforting to know that we'll provide you with the security of genuine Lincoln parts, to help safeguard you and your family when you're far from Phoenixville, PA. Go online or call us soon at Pacifico Marple Lincoln in Broomall, PA to schedule a summer road trip inspection, and enjoy real peace of mind on your vacation.

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